Fishing Methods

Hooked Up Fishing charter trips are run in a Maverick HPX 18. There are basically three different methods I use when fishing the St. Augustine area.

1. Stake Out

Stake out (anchor up) in a certain area in the back country creeks, and as the tide drops, let the fish come to you. These places have certain features that fish like to move to, as the water gets lower and the area they and the bait they feed on get smaller. This method has the potential to put up big numbers and is a method that the advanced or inexperienced angler can have fun and be successful.

2. Trolling

When fish are on shell banks out along the intracoastal waterway, we either work the area very slowly on a trolling motor, or if we are fishing a specific piece of structure we will stake out (anchor up) and fish the area thoroughly. This style of fishing can also put up big numbers of fish. Both of these first two methods you could expect to catch redfish, black drum, speckled trout and flounder. This method is also conducive to the advanced or inexperienced angler.

3. Sight Fishing

This method is completely different from the first two. This is sight-fishing for redfish on the flats. It would consist of making a very quiet approach poling (pushing the boat) with the angler on the front deck looking for a specific fish or a school of fish to make an accurate cast to. This method takes place in 12” to 2’ of water. This is the most technical type of fishing which requires the guide and the angler to work together to locate the fish and get in position to make the cast. This type of fishing can be done with a fly or spin tackle, and requires a bit more patience and skill. But there is nothing more satisfying and exciting as sighting fish, presenting the fly or lure, and washing the fish eat!

Our fishing is very tidal influenced. If you’re fishing on the wrong tide, your chances of success drop dramatically. When you call to book a trip, I will review the tides for that date, and suggest the best starting tide. 

Charter Rates

Rates are for up to 2 anglers. For a 3rd angler add $25

4 hrs: $400

6 hrs: $525

$25 extra for 3rd person
3 person maximum