Captain Charlie,

I thought you might enjoy this photo of Garrett and one of his smaller fish from our morning together. We both had a blast and I wanted to take a moment to tell you what a fantastic job you did. We can’t wait to fish with you again. I hope your trip to the Keys went well.

Hope to see you soon,

Thanks Capt. Charlie for two great fishing days despite tough conditions. Your expertise and patience in helping my son is greatly appreciated and he and I had a blast. We hope to get a chance to fish with you again in the future. Sincerely-Thank you

Rusty Counce

Hi Capt. Parker

I just wanted to say thanks again for the great fishing trip. Banks, Cooper and I all had a great time and we all agree that you were the perfect guide for us.

We did end up going to The Conch House and having them prepare some fresh Redfish for us as soon as left Camachee. It was outstanding…best Blackened Redfish I’ve ever had.

I saw that the Tropical Storm blew through there just a few days later. Has all the rain impacted your fishing?

Just checking in. Look forward to booking you again in the fall.

Rick Sewell


Thanks for the great day of fishing. You worked hard all day to put us on fish and you did. Have a good week & we look forward to fishing again next week.

Thanks, Larry Carter

Hi Capt. Charlie,

I want to thank you for the wonderful day of fishing we experienced with you in late February. Although the cold and inclement weather was not conducive to good fishing you still managed to find us fish. Because of all your fishing experience in the waters around St. Augustine you were able to take us to many out of the way locations which held fish. My Dad use to say, “If you want to catch big fish, go where the big fish live.” And, Capt. Charlie I must say, you know where they live!

Thanks again for a very enjoyable trip and we will definitely see you next year for another great day on the water.

Jon and Carol Parker
Little Falls, NY

Capt. Parker,

Thank you for a fun day on the water. My boys, ages 7 and 9, had a fantastic day. Despite a number of other guides having a tough time finding active fish, we were fortunate to catch a number of very nice red fish. The kids had all they could handle to bring them into the boat. It was a day we won’t soon forget and we look forward to going out again with you next year.

Perry Gould


Thanks again for three great days of fishing!!! Your time and effort was as good as it gets. As you can tell….. With Tom and me, it is about the experience not just the fishing. We both look forward to fishing with you for many years to come. Take care young man. Oh and I am still dreaming about that red that got away. I love my plaque.

Bruce D. McAllister
Orlando, Florida

Captain Parker,

Wanted to thank you for a great fishing trip. Jim who hasn’t fished much had a great time and is already talking about going out next year with you. Patrick, my eleven year old son’s only disappointment was that all the fish we caught were too big to keep. I wanted to say how much I appreciated the time and effort you gave us and that we couldn’t have experienced a better fishing day. We will certainly be going out with you again next year. Thanks again.

Ed Knight
Chatham NY.

Capt. Parker,

Bridgette and I had a great trip with you. When you find a boat without a reference from someone it can go either way. Thank you for your extra time…and professional manner. Casting for, and helping Bridgette all day was second to your complementary manner with her. Bridgette had a personally fulfilling day thanks to you.

Bill Lewis

My pleasure. It sure is fun going out with a real pro and not someone with a boat and fishing tackle. Here is Alex’s email also. He will likely be down again too.

Jonathan Rice

Thank You!! My sons want to come down and fish – We’ll contact you!
Thanks again and take care!

Kathryn Ulmer
Great Lakes Region


Two friends of mine (Robert and Hector) fished with you on May 20th. A friend from Houston will be in Florida in the next couple of weeks and wanted to get your information so that maybe she could book a trip with you. Hector and Robert had a great time and said you really know where the fish are in your area.

Blas Martinez
Laredo, Texas

Cpt’n. Charlie,

My brother Ron and I thank you again for a wonderful day with catching a lot of big fish. I’ll let Cpt’n. Tommy know how much we enjoyed your accommodation of a last minute request. We could not have asked for a better trip. I’ll have this memory forever.

Bill Mahoney
Crescent City

Thanks again for the great fishing.

Alex Rosmarin


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