This week we had good tides starting the week in the early afternoon and moving into the late afternoon by the end of the week.  We also have been in a weather cycle where every afternoon the rain showers have moved in.  Two days this week it just wasn’t going to happen and we had to cancel, but the rest of the week we got the fishing trips in – dodging rain storms and at times fishing in the light stuff.  

The fishing in the backcountry creeks was pretty slow this week but the redfish on the flats have been schooled up in good numbers of fish from 22” up to the largest of the week at 34”. These fish have been sitting in their regular spots on outgoing low tide and acting like they do in a winter pattern. With the overcast rainy and cooler conditions in the afternoon this week these fish have been very aggressive and not the least bit spooky.  You just have to stay back off them, make long casts and hold on until they try to take the rod out of your hand.charterpicsaug19-sept12013 004