It was a week of great fishing. The weather was in the mid 70s with sun every day. This was probably one of the best weeks of weather we’ve had in awhile in the Northeast Florida area. As the water warms, our large school of fish on the flats are separating and getting smaller every day. We’ve been targeting most of the fish in the last couple of weeks in surrounding backcountry creeks.

Jerry Ivans and I fished 4 days this week. We caught a big number of redfish every day. Jerry is from Joplin, Missouri and had never experienced salt water fishing. He was amazed by the tide swings we had in this St. Augustine, Florida area.

On Friday, April 26 and 27, I fished with Bob Lachance from Quebec. He brought his girlfriend down to Florida to enjoy our great weather and fishing. This was a half day fishing trip. At the 3 and half hour mark, Bob had caught so many fish and he was ready to call it a day. The catch included numerous redfish, one trout that weighed 8 and a half pounds. Bob was very happy and will be back soon.

Here are more pics from this week’s fishing