The first week of May brought ten plus inches of rain to the area. That much rain in a short amount of time turned the water fresh and muddy. The farther from the inlet you went the worse the quality of water you had. We had to adapt to the conditions by staying out of the backcountry and fishing areas on the intracoastal and close to the inlet. These areas produced plenty of redfish, trout, & black drum but you had to stay on your toes and keep moving because the fish were either moving around a lot or biting one day and not the next. By the third week of the month the water started getting back to normal and the red fish started moving back into areas of the backcountry were we normally fish for them. As of today June 3rd the fishing is on fire. Today we fished a half-day trip and did not keep count but I would guess we had at least a dozen black drum in the 2lb to 3lb range and probably 20 red fish between 20in and 32in long.

redfishyoungcharter2 redfishMay2013