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St Augustine Fishing Aug 12th-18th

This week has been a really good week of fishing without a tough day where we really had to work hard to catch fish.  The creek fishing this week has produced very few redfish in the areas where we were catching so many last week.  But the black drum in the keeper size have moved in.  Fishing the right tide has produced easy limits in a short amount of time.

Last week we were catching redfish both deep and shallow, but this week the fish we have been catching are schooled up on flats in a foot of water or less, acting like wintertime fish.  We have been going in the creeks catching a limit of black drum then moving out on to the flats and finish up on the redfish.  All of these fish have been in the 22 inch – 31 inch range.  When you find these fish like this catching them is not rocket sicience.  Just stay back of them, make long casts and just hold on till something tries to take your rod out of your hand!

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St Augustine fishing Aug 5th-11th

August 11, 2013


During the past two weeks I took some vacation time and went to Montana.  I stayed with a very old friend that now has a house in the southwest corner of thestate.  This is some of the most beautiful country in the world.  The house is located 10 miles off the hard road, between Custer National Park and Yellowstone.  I spent 7 days fishing for brown and rainbow trout.  We fished four days on Clark’s Fork of the Yellowstone, two days on the Yellowstone River itself, and 1 day on the Stillwater.  I had a great time and hope to go back in the spring next year. 

 This week started out with early afternoon low tides, and we really had to work hard to catch redfish.  WE fished a lot of water from downtown, north to Palm Valley.  As the week went on and the tides got later in the afternoon, the redfish really picked up and by Friday we were catching up to 15 fish in the 22 inch range, with three or four in the 30 – 32 inch range. 

 We really got lucky with the afternoon thunderstorms this week with the easterly sea breeze.  It kept all the bad weather inland so we had no problem with the storms.  Next week we will be having good early morning tides.  We’ll be starting the trips at daylight and I expect the fishing to stay good with the early starts and good tides. 

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