Jan – June 2022 Pics

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Jan – Dec 2021 Pics

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Jan – Dec 2020 Pics

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Nov – Dec 2019 Pics

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Sept – Oct 2019 Pics

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July – Aug 2019 Pics

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june,july 2016

The fishing the last two months has been as good as it gets for summer inshore fishing.The redfish have been schooled up on the flats in groups of 25 to 50 fish in the 24 to 30 inch class eating anything you get in front of them.There has also been plenty of fish in the same size class along the deeper drops along the intracostal.The flounder bite has also been on fire with fish from just legal(10in)up to 6lbs hanging out under bait fish on the flats and close to runuots along the intracoastal.The trout bite has been very slow as expected with the hot water temps.I expect the same pattern to continue thru august with the only thing that could possibly slow it down is some big rains(lots of fresh water).

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June 1 – June12 2015

June 1 – 12 2015
The first two weeks of June have been excellent redfishing! I’ve been having a great redfish bite some days off shellbanks on the intracoastal in 5- 8 feet of water. These fish all have been running from 25” up to 30”. Evidently these fish are moving around a lot. They’ll be on these places for a couple days then gone, then show up right back there again.

The consistent bite has been on shallow water flats with schools of fish ranging from 10 to 75 fish. As the tide falls the fish are in smaller groups scattered on the flats. As the water gets lower and the area for them to live gets smaller they’re all joining together making one giant school. As the area gets bigger, they are breaking into smaller groups again. They are all running in the 25 – 30” range. If the weather stays normal, which I am thinking it will, I expect this same pattern to hold through the month

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May 2015

May 2015

This month has been a windy one by May standards.We had a lot of days with an East/Northeast wind. The wind out of that direction keeps the water levels higher than normal and did make the movement hard to pattern. Some of these days were challenging and we worked hard to catch fish.

The days this month with normal winds and normal tides were as you would expect for May. We did well in the backcountry creeks catching nice redfish here and there. But the big numbers and big concentrations of fish came off the flats in the 24 to 33” class. When the wind didn’t blow and the tides were normal, these fish movements were very predictable and easy to set up on every day. Some of the places we fished in the backcountry for redfish usually produce black drum mixed in. That didn’t happen this month, but I expect that to change any day.

I had a few reports from other guides of a few stretches during the month of a good trout bite with a few really big fish in the mix. I caught very few trout due to the way I fish targeting redfish 100% of the time. There just aren’t a lot of trout on these flats where the redfish schools live. As I am writing this the first week of June I have been fishing a school of redfish that is huge for this time of year. I’m guessing about 75 fish in the 25” class!

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