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St Augustine Fishing Jan.6-Jan12

January 6 – 12

This week with the cold weather I really didn’t get on the water much.  Monday through Thursday we had a mixed bag of weather.  Monday was windy and rainy, Tuesday and Wednesday were very cold and windy.  Thursday was warm, but with wind and rain.  

I did get out on the water Friday, but the bite was a little slow.  I was reading water temps as low as 52°, which is very cold water for this area.  The fish seemed lethargic and slow to eat.  We ended up with a few keeper redfish in the 24” range with quite a few short fish under 18”.  Saturday was a complete blow out with overcast skies and high winds around 25 mph.  

Sunday turned out to be a nice day, and with rising water temps the fish were fired up and eating.  We were doing a half day trip and every place we stopped we caught fish.  I didn’t keep count of exactly how many fish we caught but I know we had over a dozen nice slot fish in the 24” – 27” range with lots of small fish 16” – 17”, along with a nice flounder around 4 lbs.  This is my favorite time of year to be on the water, and with some more normal weather days the fishing is going to be on fire.

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St augustine Fishing Nov-Dec

Jan 1, 2014

Happy New Year!  Well, I haven’t done a fishing report in quite a while.  With the holidays and a lot of fishing, I just haven’t slowed down long enough to take the time.

The month of November was the windiest I can remember.  We averaged one northeaster every week.  There were days that just weren’t fishable, days the we got out but were limited to where we could run to, and days that we could run and fish where we wanted.  Windy days we stayed within a couple miles of town and fished hard.  Every day we did this we actually had pretty good day, catching lots of black drum in the 2 – 3 lb range and a few slot reds and lots of under sized reds.  On the days the weather allowed us to move about, we caught a mixed bag of fish.  Higher tides put us on some trout, running from 14” to 19” inch fish.  This time of year we typically don’t catch the bigger trout – that’s normally a spring catch. 

As the tides got lower we moved into areas that hold the redfish and did really well on them along with the black drum.  The black drum seemed to be in the 2 – 3 lb range with the redfish running from 17” up to 25”. 

The month of December seemed to get a little more back to normal weather and the fishing was about what you would expect.  The trout bite left town but the redfish bite got really hot. We started these trips in the backcountry creeks catching redfish  between 17” – 25”, with a few nice black drum and sheep head mixed in the 2 – […]

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