Fishing started out pretty slow the first of the week.  With the cold front coming in we really had to work hard for the fish we caught.  As the front pushed through and the air temperature dropped the fishing really got hot. From midweek through the weekend we had plenty of action on the trout, redfish, flounder and black drum.  The trout we caught were all on artificial and fly, running from just undersized up to 20”.  Redfish this week were all live bait or fly, with a few flounder also on live bait and fly.  Black drum were caught on bait. 

 Friday I fished a flat I have only been on once since last winter.  As soon as we got up on it and started fishing I realized the redfish were back in their regular spots.  There were quite a few small groups of fish 20” – 22”.  There was one large school of around 50 fish in the 25” – 30” range, and they were feeding hard.  Being a live bait trip, we power poled down and threw quartered up crab to them, getting hook-ups one after the other until the tide stopped running. 

 Saturday I went back to this spot with a fly angler and were on these fish for 2 hours or more, ending up with 2 nice upper slot fish out of the school with a few pull-offs.  By the end of the trip the angler had the “northeast slam” – some nice trout, a flounder and some redfish on the fly.  It was a great trip.  And with the air and water temps dropping, the fishing should do nothing but get better!